Full Stack Developer with over 6 years of experience. I have a proven track record of delivering satisfying work for my clients.
I've worked on real-time auctioning software, a platform for musicians to build portfolios and track engagement helping them increase their hiring opportunities, and a metadata catalog for movie studios to maintain a single source of truth.

I’m an effective communicator and a team player with a strong capacity to work independently.
I always try to see the projects I’m working on from the user's perspective, ensuring their interaction with the interface is smooth and user-friendly.

In my free time, I work on personal projects that reflect my passion for technology and innovation. These include a Procreate Thumbnail Handler for Windows and a text color plugin for Statamic's WYSIWYG editor.

Many of my projects are open-source, allowing me to give back to the developer community that has supported my growth. My personal website, built with Next.js, showcases my hands-on experience with the latest technologies:

Technical Skills

Node.js · PHP · Javascript · TypeScript · CSS · TailwindCSS · MySql · PostgreSQL · Laravel · Vue · SST · AWS Lambda · GraphQL · Amazon Web Services (AWS) · WebRTC · Sockets · ElasticSearch · Bootstrap · Vuetify · Python

Past work

→ Fabric


Jul 2023 - Ongoing

  • ● Delivered critical fixes for key clients like MGM, Fox, Viacom, etc enhancing their experience and trust in the product
  • ● Suggested changes to the way we write and organize code, helping the team work better
Tech Stack:

Express.js, Laravel, React, Material UI

→ ReelCrafter


Nov 2022 - Aug 2023 · 10 mos

  • ● Worked closely with the CEO to develop new features and fix bugs
  • ● Accelerated the progress on ReelCrafter’s planned v2.5 upgrade, which offers major usability & quality of life improvements for customers
  • ● Came up with ideas that improved client experience and/or development experience
Tech Stack:

V2: SST 1 (Node) serverless backend with REST API, Vue 2 Frontend with Vuetify 2 component library

V2.5: SST 2 (Node) serverless backend with GraphQL Api, Vue 3 Frontend with Vuetify 3 component library



Sep 2020 - May 2022 · 1 yr 9 mos

  • ● Spearheaded a critical initiative to address significant vulnerabilities and performance concerns in the existing codebase, resulting in a successful full code rewrite that significantly improved security and performance
  • ● Implemented Elasticsearch endpoints where database queries were not the best solution
  • ● Helped junior devs understand the tech stack and get better at their job
  • ● Implemented multiple API integrations, including payment processors
Tech Stack:

🡆 Pre-rewrite:

Client Apps: Vue 2 Frontend blessed with jQuery, served by a Laravel 5.6 app. Each client would have their own app with hardcoded configurations.

Multi-tenant Backend: PHP5.6

🡆 Post-rewrite:

Client Apps: Nuxt Application, with feature flags for each client. Choosing a client is done from an .env variable, then specific client configurations would be loaded from the multi-tenant backend.

Multi-tenant Backend: Laravel 8, which integrates the features that the old individual client apps used to.

→ Art Games

Full Time Employee

Jul 2018 - Sep 2020 · 2 yr 2 mos

  • ● Worked closely with the CTO in a 3 person team to rebuild the Artmark website
  • ● Learned how to manage a fast-paced, ever-changing outsourcing workflow
  • ● Helped junior devs understand the tech stack and get better at their job
  • ● Worked solo on projects from start to finish
Tech Stack:

Backend: I've used Laravel from 5.6 up to 8. I also worked with projects that used Express.js(Node).

Frontend: I've used mostly vue 2, but also angular. As for CSS frameworks, I've used custom CSS, Bootstrap 4 & TailwindCSS


► Procreate Thumbnail Handler - Windows DLL

Purpose: View thumbnails of Procreate projects stored on Windows computers

Open Source Projects

► Bard Text Color- Statamic Framework Plugin

Total Downloads

Role: Creator and maintainer

Functionality:Enables text color changes in Statamic Bard

► Laravel Ray Legacy- Laravel Plugin

Total Downloads

Purpose: Allows any PHP application to send messages to the Ray app

Compatibility: Originally for Laravel 7+; modified to support older Laravel versions.